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How can your child learn to be independent, responsible, intelligent and have a lifelong love for learning?

"I tell you Jacob loves the things I'm doing with him (especially the singing with the finger plays) and for that time we spend face to face, I really really feel like he's absorbing it.  He looks at me almost concentrating on what I'm saying and doing and tries to do some of the motions.  It's awesome and I feel really good about the fact that I'm the one doing the teaching!" ~ Caryn B. (California)


Click the age closest to your child's development to see samples of how your dreams for your child can become a reality.

How to use our learning activity plans

How to use our preschool project plans


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By using Play2Learn, our easy to use activity plans individualized to your child's age in months ensuring educational success, happiness and strong family relationships with only 15 minutes required per day.



Learning extension resources - preview samples below

field trip to zoo Sample field trip card

nursery rhymes Sample Nursery rhyme

nursery rhyme fairy Sample Finger play

vocabulary words Sample Vocabulary word card

ladybug behavior chart Sample Positive behavior chart

reward ticket Sample Reward tickets
















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