Benefits You Will See!

  • Exhibits creativity
  • Becomes keenly observant
  • Language development flourishes
  • Becomes responsible and independent
  • Thinks and problem solves at a high level

What's the most powerful machine in the world?

Your baby's brain! How can you speed up its processing while developing a love for learning? It's easy - use the Play2Learn program that offers you and your child, activities, games, resources and parenting tips to develop 21st century skills.

What 21st century skills will my child develop using this program? Critical thinking skills, communication, problem solving, physical fitness, self-control, collaboration, initiative, responsibility, independence and most importantly - creativity! And yes, the latest brain research proves this is all possible beginning from birth.

In fact, research encourages you to become your child's first teacher. That's why we developed the Play2Learn program - to help you be your child's favorite teacher. It is so easy to use and fun for your child. You will be surprised at how quickly you can train the brain during the most critical years - birth to five.

Give your child daily opportunities to meet milestones for language, social, emotional, and physical development. Research is clear - intelligence is as much or more nurtured than inherited. Let us guide you through how to create a nurturing learning environment, promote greater language skills, introduce early math skills and set your child up for success in our 21st century global society. find out more...

" I absolutely love this product. It contains so much great information. The reward charts and tickets are just what I need for my 4 and 2 year old."
~ Brandy W.(South Carolina)

Our Products Play2Learn Package

behavior plans preschool 48 Weeks (1 year) of Learning Development Plans for your child's Age Group and "User Manual"

activity learning plans Your Personalized Activity Learning Plan Notebook

behavior plan Back-up CD of ALL materials


You also get the following items for FREE - a value over $100!

What's great about the Play2Learn program is that it teaches the parent strategies for better parenting while also providing activities for the child to meet and exceed milestones

order child development activity plans

Play2Learn offers Activity Plans, Activity learning plans for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

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